Friday, December 1, 2017

Wet Weather Gratitude

Though we're looking high and dry for the next week or so, the rain gauge already sits at 6.39" for this fall. The rain was a welcome relief after a hot dry summer, which ended in weeks of smoke from the North Bay fires and then the Bear Fire close to home. We have nothing but respect and gratitude for the efforts of CalFire in bringing all the fires around here to an end.

After flying through pomegranates and persimmons, we are already knee-deep in citrus season. In the past week, Bearss Limes, Australian Finger Limes, Genoa Italian Heirloom Lemons, Meyer Lemons, Yuzus and some Pineapple Guavas have gone out the door. We're about a week away from Hayward Kiwis and a huge crop of beautiful Buddha Hand Citrons. The Owari Satsumas have begun to turn as well!

Here's hoping for an abundant, warm, wet winter! In the meantime, some tastes of fall above.