Thursday, December 27, 2007

Maybe It Was The Roses...

I forgot to mention the other day that our roses are still cranking!
Above: Mr. Lincoln at his finest.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Vibes & A Happy New Year!

A brief update here, we've been pretty lost in baby-land for the past month and a half-- not blogging although definitely still managing to get outdoors. We just brought in the last tomatoes of the year a week ago. We are still harvesting peppers, raspberries, lemons, limes and persimmons. We're also eating fennel, cabbage, collard greens, Asian greens (Tat Soi and Pac Choy), kale and butter chard from our garden beds. In addition, there are beds of leeks, carrots and garlic bulbs fattening up in the ground, and a bed of brussels sprouts, which is poking along, yet to give us any love. We're also enjoying our neighbor's mandarins and pineapple guavas. So far we've had almost a foot of rain and have run the wood stove quite a bit, although it was warm and sunny today and bright full-moon tonight. We saw wild pig tracks and a big fat coyote on our walk today. We've got lists of fruit trees and vines to plant yet this winter; we're already over the Solstice hump and looking forward to the abundance of spring! Thanks for staying tuned. As you can see above, the Snowflake is making a brief appearance here (Solstice to New Year's) before being shipped on to Wyoming.