Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sartaj's Second Birthday

Today was Sartaj's second birthday. He has switched from his large breed puppy food to adult food over the last couple of weeks. He continues to make amazing progress in his ability to intuit and anticipate what is expected of him in novel situations. He is also somewhat refining his target acquisition skills, much to the relief of the bikers and joggers that pass by the farm on a regular basis. We are grateful daily for his companionship.

Summer is flying by, and our plants are thriving. Estelle's sunflowers now tower over her. Over the last few weeks, we've sold potatoes to the Homeless Garden Project and also to Casalegno Family Farm for their CSA's. Red Pontiac and Purple Viking are pictured above. We harvest Austrian Crescent fingerlings tomorrow. Also pictured above, our Cranberry beans tower above their 7' tall cages...Lychee tomatoes, Cisneros tomatillos, Gypsy Bell peppers, Candy onions, Yellow Bartlet pears, and Wonderful pomegranates are all sizing up nicely.

And last, but far from least, our firewood is split and stacked not only for next winter but also for the brick pizza/bread oven we just built. The second coat of stucco just went on it tonight. (Yes, flashlights were involved). There's a bit more tile work and grouting to be completed behind it over the weekend, and then the color coat of stucco goes on Monday. A week from then, we can begin a series of escalating firings to cure its mortar, and then it's no-holds-barred until we all wind up on diets. Estelle is already anticipating holding a "dog party" for Sartaj with all of her friends. She says she will cook him "a vanilla cake with twenty eggs." We'll see...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Solar Farming

We were just featured on Residential Solar 101. There are some nice shots of the farm towards the end.