Friday, March 30, 2012

Longer Days and Shorter Nights

Spring has sprung on the farm. Our rain totals are at 11.30" for the month of March, bringing us to 25.90" year to date. There are a couple more systems forecast to roll through this week starting tomorrow morning after 11am. Hopefully, we'll have time to finish mowing the citrus slope before it begins.

We crossed quite a bit off the list this month. All of the fruit trees were fertilized and mulched. Our starts were potted up to bigger containers. Our seed potatoes are sprouting, and two varieties of onions are already in the ground.

We also sold quite a bit of citrus. 870#'s to be exact. The Encore Mandarins are still on the trees. They are super sweet at this point, and we plan to pick them this week.

Across the farm buds are breaking, trees are blossoming and the cover crop is in bloom. There are few sweeter scents of spring than fields of flowering bell beans. The tree frogs have returned to our pond and fill our nights with their joyous laughter. Yesterday the koi awoke from their winter slumber, their mouths breaking the surface of the pond in search of food, which we happily obliged them.

Our CSA is more than 1/3rd full already...
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