Monday, February 20, 2012

Got Sorbet?

Above (L>R): cases of Meyer and Genoa Lemons

We are very pleased to have added a new corporate account today...
The Penny Ice Creamery cranks out Santa Cruz's finest ice creams and sorbets from scratch daily! We are excited and honored to be a part of their supply chain.

Below: Three members of Penny's Jr. Fanclub hard at work last Saturday

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meyers for Marmalade

This winter continues to bless us with fruit-ripening weather. Last week we picked and packed 600#'s of Meyer Lemons for Farmers Al & Becky at Frog Hollow Farm for their Meyer Lemon Marmalade. With a bit of hustle, we managed to get the last of them safely indoors--and backfill the aforementioned irrigation trench--before a nice spell of rain moved through. (Our rain gauge now stands at 12.96" for the season).

Our kiwis and table grapes had their winter haircut last week as well, while the pomegranates are practically all leafed out already and the roses have yet to slow down. We've finished re-mulching the citrus and pomegranates with fresh wood chips, and a ton of fruit tree fertilizer is due to arrive tomorrow from Cal Organics to be tucked neatly beneath them.

In other news, the log pile that was taking up two parking spots in our driveway is now bucked, split and stacked, and our new (used) walk-in cooler is all hooked up and blowing cold.

Next up: "Genoa" Italian Lemons; "Encore" & "Gold Nugget" Mandarins!