Friday, December 1, 2017

Wet Weather Gratitude

Though we're looking high and dry for the next week or so, the rain gauge already sits at 6.39" for this fall. The rain was a welcome relief after a hot dry summer, which ended in weeks of smoke from the North Bay fires and then the Bear Fire close to home. We have nothing but respect and gratitude for the efforts of CalFire in bringing all the fires around here to an end.

After flying through pomegranates and persimmons, we are already knee-deep in citrus season. In the past week, Bearss Limes, Australian Finger Limes, Genoa Italian Heirloom Lemons, Meyer Lemons, Yuzus and some Pineapple Guavas have gone out the door. We're about a week away from Hayward Kiwis and a huge crop of beautiful Buddha Hand Citrons. The Owari Satsumas have begun to turn as well!

Here's hoping for an abundant, warm, wet winter! In the meantime, some tastes of fall above.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mid-Summer Update

Thanks to some truly spectacular weather of late, we are well into enjoying this summer's bounty! Avocados are harvested. Tomatoes starting to hit stride. We're feasting on squash, cucs, beans, herbs and greens. Onions, peppers, corn cobs and kiwis are sizing up, and our pumpkin patch is raging.

Many thanks to Coke Farm for helping us distribute our #48 Hass. Locally, you can find our avocados at Viva's Organic Mexican and Steamer Lane Supply, or you can bring some home to enjoy from The Food Bin.

We're looking forward to next week's solar eclipse. May all people and nations pass peacefully through the dark and embrace the light.
Blaze on!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Summer-side of the Solstice

Spring's temperamental weather has gone the way of the winter greens. Summer arrived this week with high pressure and temps in the mid-90's. The rain gauge wound up just north of 80 inches for the year, although most neighboring stations recorded higher totals. (We recently updated our rain collector for greater accuracy in high winds going forward).

Our Tango Mandarins are long gone to Frog Hollow's Happy Child CSA, and the Jincheng's went to Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. Their peels and juice are in Forbidden Fruit Marmalade, and their juice can be found in the Pinot Cherries, the Smokin' Padron Jam and Fig and Fennel Jam too!

Our hardneck garlic is already harvested and curing, and our summer bounty is cranking. Our main crops are: cucumbers, watermelons, peppers, beans, sweet corn, squash, pumpkins, onions and tomatoes, but smaller quantities of specialty herbs and assorted greens are in the pipeline as well.

Wear sunscreen, polish your rainbows and live the stoke!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spring Update

It was a busy, wet winter! The rain gauge sits at 74.82". Our weather is on the verge of stabilizing. We've had glimpses of the heat to come, only to fall back into the blustery chill. The monthly high was 81; the low was 36.

Trees and vines are waking up. Our pomegranates are fully leafed out. Buds are breaking on grapes and kiwis. The wisteria and jasmine are in full delicious bloom. Their scent greets us in the driveway.

Fortunately, Mountain Charlie remains open. It was dicey there for a bit. The winter's impressive storms tallied up $100 million in road damage in Santa Cruz County. We took down the Western Red Cedars next to the Silo, as they had started to lean in the soggy earth.

Gold Nugget Mandarins and Jincheng Sweet Oranges are going out this week and next. Tangos are still to come.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we welcomed 'Ziggy' to our family. He is a Patterdale Terrier from Lost Lake Farm. We are constantly impressed by his eagerness to please and willingness to learn.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

And The Rain Came Down...

2017 is off to a wonderfully wet start on the farm! We've had 12.07" of rain in the new year, for a total of 34.67" rain year to date, with more falling as I type. The Pineapple Express atmospheric river is flowing, and storms are stacked up all the way to Japan (see last photo above)!

We're also off to a fantastic start on the fruit front, picking up on 2016's strong finish. Our Owari Satsuma Mandarins are available fresh at Scotts Valley Market. More Satsumas and Page Tangelo x Mandarin hybrids are at the CA Fruit Crate in Saratoga. They are showing up in some fantastic salads at Assembly too.

Be sure to look for Mandarin Creamsicle and whole lot of Bergamot at The Penny Ice Creamery for desert. If drink's your pleasure, keep an eye out for Buddha Hand Brew from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. Ristorante Avanti has a citrus-rich cocktail menu as well.

A couple tons of Meyer Lemons, Algerian "Clementine" Tangerines, Washington Navel Oranges and Jincheng Oranges are up next. And, thanks to the rain, bumper crops of Tango Mandarins, Gold Nugget Mandarins, Moro Blood Oranges and Cara Cara Navel Oranges are all on deck!

Rain Update 01.12.17, 0900hrs:
Storm total: 10.75”, January 16.34”, Rain Year to Date: 38.94”