Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Absolute Nirvana

Our Buddha Hand Citrons are making quite a splash on the cocktail menu at Ristorante Avanti these days. Be sure to ask for "Nirvana" to get a taste!!

After a big Halloween run, another hundred pounds of Persian Banana Pumpkins are available in ice cream form at The Penny Ice Creamery. They bought in more Fuyu persimmons as well.

And Happy Child CSA members can look forward to some of the most beautiful pomegranates we've ever grown in their boxes next week. We cut the water off on them over a month ago, and they have ripened perfectly!!

On the citrus front, it's looking to be a BIG year! Everything set early last year due to the balmy "winter" we had, so lemons and mandarins are months ahead of schedule.

Other than that, we've finished splitting wood and tuning our generator. Now we await El NiƱo and his magic! We're up to 2.53" on the rain gauge year to date. Our thirsty landscaping has truly appreciated the drink and is rewarding us--and the bees--with beautiful flowers! The above slideshow is definitely worth putting into full screen (box of arrows in bottom right hand corner)!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Golden Fruit and Liquid Gold

We harvested the first round of absolutely beautiful Fuyu Persimmons this morning. The exciting part of the story is that all happened in the middle of a riotous downpour!

We finally had the first bands of rain in a long, long while drop down over us from the Gulf of Alaska. The rain gauge reads 1.18" on the day, 1.52" on the year! Our irrigation systems are 100% shut down at this point. Hopefully more rain follows soon, and they can stay that way...

p.s.--> My new favorite weather website is windyty. I have added it to the weather links in the right-hand sidebar of this page.