Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring Planting Update

We continue to have a wet spring over here, but it has been punctuated by nice long dry spells, allowing us to get a significant portion of our planting done. We only have a few beds of peppers left to transplant. We have already planted out 28 varieties of tomatoes, 4 varieties of potatoes, 2 varieties of tomatillos, 3 varieties of onions and 2 of 4 varieties of peppers. We've also put in 110 new trees so far this spring and have 5 more to go, along with our new grapevines. The updated version of our site plan now includes these new plantings. A great thanks to Aaron Dillon at Four Winds Growers and Larry and Shelly at Brokaw Nursery for working with us to make it all happen. One other great development this spring is that we have an apprentice, Katie, who is a neighbor's granddaughter and has lived overseas in agrarian communities most of her life due to her mother's ongoing Peace Corps deployments. In addition to learning about irrigation systems and gopher trapping, she has been weeding and mulching up a storm as I mow and weed-whack, and the place looks terrific because of it. In other news, I have a sculpture in the upcoming Sculpture Is 2010 show at Sierra Azul Nursery, which commences on May 31. And last, but far from least, our second child is due October 12!