Monday, January 18, 2016

(In Memory of) Hope

2016 continues to deliver at a graceful and hope-filled pace. Rolling rainstorms give way to sun-speckled harvest windows. Our rain gauge sits at 16.74" (with more storms on track).

We've delivered over 4000# of citrus so far this month, and there's plenty more in the pipeline. Many thanks to Robert Mann Packaging for running off another pallet of 1 1/9th bushel boxes for us in a hurry last week!

Right now, 500# of Washington Navel Oranges sit picked and packed alongside 1250# of Meyer Lemons in our storage room. The final third of the Meyer Lemon Harvest will happen next week. "Tango" and "Gold Nugget" Mandarins, Jincheng Sweet Oranges, and Moro Blood Oranges are all on deck.

Surrounded by so many blessings, it was with sadness that we marked the passing of our dear friend Hope last week. In her memory, we have planted the grandest of palms: Jubaea chilensis, the Chilean Wine Palm. We're already looking forward to enjoying coquito nuts... twenty years from now! ***Much gratitude to Sal at All Tropical Palms for procuring our vigorous specimen.

[~~~Update 24 hrs later-- 1.91" fell today, 18.65"ytd!~~~]

Monday, January 4, 2016

All That The Rain Promises, And More...

After a cold, dry week, our rain has returned. 1.18" have fallen so far today, bringing us to 10.08" year to date, and it's still pounding the windowpanes as I type!

Fortunately, it paused just long enough today for me to harvest 400# of postcard-perfect Algerian "Clementine" Tangerines for Frog Hollow's Happy Child CSA this morning. They have already enjoyed Page Tangelos and Owari Satsuma Mandarins. Next week, we will begin our Meyer Lemon harvest for their marmalade.

We had a cheerful and productive holiday season. Our final order of the year was filled for Ristorante Avanti on New Year's Eve and included Buddha Hand Citrons, Yuzus, Bergamot Sour Oranges, Meyer Lemons, Bearss Limes, Owari Satsuma Mandarins and Hayward Kiwis.

We are grateful for El NiƱo's atmospheric flow. It sure is fun to see storms stacked up back to back out past Hawaii! Thanks for reading, and wishing you all the best in 2016!!

[~~~Storm Update--01.07.16, 08:01 PM-- 4.52", 13.42"ytd!~~~]