Thursday, August 18, 2016

Avo Max!

We just finished our largest avocado harvest to date. 88 cases of #48 Hass went out the door Monday thanks to Coke Farm. Our #60's went to Scotts Valley Market, the deli at New Leaf Felton and the brand new Bevy Produce in San Jose, who will be stocking our Italian Prune Plums and Genoa Italian Heirloom Lemons as well.

Our #70's went to Viva's Cafe, now open at Merrill College, UCSC, and the good peeps at Steamer Lane Supply. We also donated two huge boxes of #2's, and the #80's to the Grey Bears Brown Bag Program.

All told, we've had a wonderful summer. We're up to our ears in cukes, peppers and tomatoes. Pumpkins, persimmons, and pomegranates next... Abundance abounds!